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How to Call the 24-hour Emergency Hotline

If you need emergency help for an available service, please call 24-hours a day

  • (800) 888-8459 from within the United States
  • Call collect (Country code 1 for the USA) (410) 257-5702 from anywhere else.

You should have your certificate number, your location, a local telephone number, and details of the situation. The assistance provider will confirm your enrollment and assist you. If you cannot call collect from your location, dial direct and give the assistance coordinator your telephone number and location and they will call you back.

Seek local help if your emergency is immediate and life threatening, and contact the assistance provider by calling the hotline as soon as reasonably possible.

Help services have been included in this program to provide, whenever possible, on-the-spot and immediate assistance for those unexpected problems that can arise during your trip.

There may be times when circumstances beyond the assistance provider's control hinder their endeavors to provide help services; they will, however, make all reasonable efforts to provide services and help resolve your problem. The assistance provider's staff will do their best to refer you to appropriate providers. However, the assistance provider and Encore Travel and its insurance provider cannot be held responsible for the quality or results of any services provided by these independent practitioners.

Availability of Services
24-hour hotline services become available when you actually start your trip. Services end the earliest of: midnight on the day the program expires; when you reach your return destination; or when you complete your trip.

Medical Referral
If an emergency occurs during a trip that requires you to seek urgent medical advice you should call the 24-hour hotline to obtain the names of local qualified doctors who speak your language. If additional medical services are required, the assistance provider is prepared to consult with the attending physician and provide such assistance as they believe to be in your best interest.

Emergency Cash
If your cash or travelers checks are lost or stolen, or unanticipated emergency expenses are incurred, the assistance provider will, whenever possible, help arrange for an emergency cash transfer in currency, travelers checks, or other form acceptable to the assistance provider. These funds must come from your major credit card(s) or from family and/or friends.

Please review the FAQ Question 4 to see how else you can arrange for rapid cash transfers

Legal Referral
The assistance provider will provide travelers with access or referrals to the most conveniently located attorneys available during regular working hours. Assistance will also be provided in obtaining bail bonds in those geographical locations where such bonds are customarily issued. You are responsible for contracted legal fees.

Lost Ticket & Passport Assistance
The assistance provider will, whenever possible, provide you with referrals and information to assist in obtaining replacement for lost or stolen travel documents, passports, travel tickets, etc. Please contact Encore Travel directly if possible so that we can help you in the event this happens to you.

Emergency Prescription Refill
The assistance provider will assist you, whenever possible, in obtaining a replacement of an existing prescription when your medication has been lost, stolen, or if you are in need of a refill. The prescription will be refilled by a licensed pharmacist or other authorized personnel in the country in which you are traveling. It will be replaced with the same brand of medication prescribed in the U.S., or the equivalent in the country in which you are traveling. The refill may require a visit to a local physician. You should be prepared to furnish the assistance provider with a copy of your original prescription and/or the name and phone number of your regular attending physician. The cost of replacement medication and visit to a local physician will be at your expense. This also means that you should carry your prescriptions with you, or know how to get a hold of your doctor.

Emergency Medical Transportation
Emergency Medical Transportation services are only provided if authorized in advance by the 24 hour assistance provider. Failure to comply with the assistance provider's instructions or recommendations related to Emergency Medical Transportation services will result in forfeiture of these services.

Emergency Medical Evacuation
If you are involved in an accident or suffer sudden illness while traveling and the assistance provider determines that adequate medical facilities are not available locally, arrangements will be made for Emergency Evacuation, under appropriate medical supervision by whatever means medically necessary, to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care.

Emergency Medical Repatriation
If, after medical evaluation and treatment, the assistance provider determines that it is medically necessary that you have extra transport accommodations or assistance to return to your point of departure, arrangements will be made for the necessary additional transportation expenses. This benefit will be provided only if the assistance provider determines that your medical condition will not substantially change within seven (7) days following hospital discharge or completion of treatment, thereby allowing you to complete your trip as originally planned.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains
In the event of your demise, the assistance provider will render every assistance possible to obtain necessary clearances and arrangements will be made for the return of the mortal remains to the city of permanent residence.

Transportation to join disabled traveler
When you are traveling alone and are hospitalized for more than ten (10) days, economy round trip airfare to the place of hospitalization will be provided to a person chosen by you.

Return of Minor Children
If dependent children are left unattended as the result of your accident or illness, arrangements will be made to provide one way economy airfare for them to their place of residence. Qualified attendants will also be provided without charge, when required.

What is NOT Provided
Emergency evacuation and repatriation services are NOT provided for circumstances involving suicide or intentionally self-inflicted harm; normal pregnancy or childbirth; mountain climbing; the commission of unlawful acts by you; drugs, narcotics, or alcohol, unless administered upon the advice of a doctor.

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