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Your fiancé will typically come into the US on a K-1 visa. In order to obtain the visa she will have to meet and undergo an interview with a consular officer at the nearest embassy. Prior to this meeting, she will have a medical exam and obtain a medical report from a designated facility. Such an important event will require extensive coordination between you, your fiancé and Encore Travel.

Legal Note:
We do not provide legal advice. For legal assistance with the K-1 visa, we recommend that you contact an attorney

Travel to the USA

The specific arrangements for her trip to the USA will depend on several factors:

    1. Her desire for a one way or two way ticket
    2. Availability of fares
    3. Season of travel

We will work with you and your requirements to provide a comfortable flight at an economical price and we will advise you of any “specials” or opportunities to jigger the itinerary to make it more cost effective. Also, almost every airline offers significant discount for infants and children less than 12 years of age.

Travel to United States will be a new experience for your fiancé, who might be taking her first foreign trip of her life. Encore Travel can alleviate her concerns in a number of ways:

  • We can arrange for airline support in her language. The airline personnel will meet her at the arrival gate and will help her through customs, and transfers between flights.
  • We will also arrange for connections through code shared airlines in order to eliminate terminal changes
  • We will route her through airports that are more convenient and less confusing

As an added cost option, we can communicate directly with her to answer her specific question.

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