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Visas - Ukraine

The Ukrainian visa is added into your passport

What we need from you:

  1. Your Valid (6 months) Passport. Please send it to us via FedEx, or other certified mail

  2. One (1) recent passport style photographs, signed on the back. They can be in color or BW, dull or matte finish, with full face against a white background, 1.5 inch square. They do not have to match the passport photo. Pictures taken by the Polaroid machines in malls are OK.

  3. Visa Application Form, the form must be filled out and signed.

Visa Form Questionnaire Instructions

    1. SURNAME - Your last name.

    2. FULL NAME - Your first and middle names.

    3. OTHER NAMES OR SURNAMES USED IN THE PAST - Your maiden or birth name, if changed.

    4. DATE OF BIRTH - Day/Month/Year.

    5. SEX - gender.

    6. NATIONALITY - USA or other country whose passport you carry.

    7. PERSONAL NUMBER - Your social security number.

    8. ADDRESS OF PERMANENT RESIDENCE - your address for the FEDEX delivery.

    9. PASSPORT DETAILS /type - please indicate letter above your name (usually, it is P), unless it is DIPLOMATIC.
    Number - passport number.
    Date of Issues - Day/Month/Year; Valid until - Day/Month/Year
    Issuing Authority - Passport Agency by which city (if indicated in passport).

    10. through 14: Please answer these questions.

    15. PURPOSE OF YOUR JOURNEY - please indicate TOURISM, unless you have a personal or business invitation. In this case, indicate PRIVATE.

    16. DURATION OF STAY IN UKRAINE - please indicate the exact amount of days or months.


    18. POINT OF ENTRY TO UKRAINE – The name of the Ukrainian city where you will first enter Ukraine.

    19. MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION FOR ENTRY TO UKRAINE - Please indicate air, unless it is train, bus or ship.

    20. NAME AND ADDRESS OF PERSON WHO INVITES - Please indicate the name and address of the person in Ukraine.

    21. CITIES IN UNRAINE YOU INTEND TO VISIT - Please indicate all the cities on your journey.

    22. ADDRESS OF TEMPORARY RESIDENCE IN UKRAINE - Please indicate the Hotel name or the private residence address where you intend to reside during your stay.

    23. IN CASE OF NEED WHO WILL GIVE YOU FINANCIAL SUPPORT – enter “I will support myself.”

    24. CHILDREN - Please indicate if applies, otherwise leave it blank.


    26. VISA REQUESTED FOR: Please indicate whether single or double.

    27. through 30: Leave it blank because it does not apply.


    32. PLACE of SUBMISSION – Leave this item blank.


Processed by consulate in
9 business days
Single Entry:
Double Entry:
Multiple Entry:
$200 per visa
$210 per visa
$395 per visa

RUSH Service

Processed by consulate in
3 business days

Single Entry:
Double Entry:
Multiple Entry:

$295 per visa
$315 per visa
$525 per visa


  1. Processing time starts when we receive all the completed paperwork and information.

    Please make checks payable and send your documents to:

    Encore Travel
    20050 Winter Ln
    Saratoga CA 95070

  2. Please note the item Date of Entry: Your visa will be issued for 6 months from this date and for the cities indicated on your application. If you traveling to any additional CIS cities or are planning to enter or depart on dates that differ from those of your visit, please advise us. Entry into the country will not be permitted prior to the date of entry listed on your visa application. You will also need additional visas, even if you are just passing through.

  3. Your visa, issued by the embassy, will be sent to you directly by FedEx from the Embassy. In order for us to verify that you received the type of visa you require, please fax us a copy of the visa document.

We accept various kinds of payments. The fastest method, and the one you should use for rush services, is credit cards. We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Click the logo for a printable credit card authorization form.

We can also take personal checks, company checks, bank checks and money orders.

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